August 16-20 Construction began on August 16th with removal of the existing asphalt and setup of temporary water supply. The removals and water supply are expected to be completed by Friday of this week.

August 23-27 – Underground construction will begin with the replacement of sanitary sewer on 4th Avenue NW. The sewer will then progress along 2nd Ave NW and finally 3rd St NW. Once completed with sewer the contractor will begin work on water main in the same area followed by storm sewer. This work will likely progress into the week of Aug 30th.

September 10, 2021 – Sanitary sewer was completed this week along 2nd Ave NW and 3rd St NW. The contractor will be working on watermain next week and expects to complete the work in about 1 week. Once that water main is complete the contractor will go back and install permanent services to all of your homes in the working area.

Pavement removals along 2nd and 3rd Streets SE and the and 3rd Ave SE are schedule for either Friday September 17th or Monday September 20th. If you have questions about day to day operations or need to coordinate something with the contractor, please call our engineer’s on site representative Shawn Kapsch. Shawn can be reached at 320.292.5389.