Help Preserve, Protect & Maintain this iconic symbol that stands beside this small Central Minnesota Farming Community.

Have you seen it? Has it been your pitstop when traveling I-94 on a long trip through Central Minnesota? Or does that smile you see tell you…”You’re Almost Home”. Maybe you have stopped in this small farming community and looked up to see this friendly grin.

Erected in 1920 after the original wood water tower burned down. The Village of Freeport raised over $12,000.00! Now 100 years later, that iconic symbol, with pleasant eyes and friendly smile has smiled upon travelers for decades.

The Freeport Preservation Committee is leading the fund-raising effort on behalf of our residents and business community to preserve this famous smiling water tower.

Due to the cost of maintaining and repainting, we are reaching out to everyone far and near. Please help keep this smiling skyline for our community and all those travelers needing a smile to brighten their day.

$75,000.00 is the fund-raising goal. Anything you can contribute to preserve this piece of history that stands to put a smile on your face would be appreciated.

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