Download the appropriate form and return for approval.  You may drop off your forms during business hours at the front desk, in the drop box outside of City Hall 24/7, or email to  If you are unsure if a project will require a permit or have any questions, please reach out to city staff.


Building permits are required for a variety of residential and commercial projects.  By obtaining a permit for your project, you will have the peace of mind that the work being performed will meet the state building code.  Our inspectors are dedicated to ensuring that projects are completed in a correct and safe manner.  A cease work order may be placed at anytime on unpermitted projects until the permit process has been fulfilled and you may be subject to additional fees.  If you are hiring a contractor, it is advised that they fill out and sign the permit application.  If you are taking on a DIY project, please include the Licensed Contractor Disclaimer form with your application.

Permit Application

Licensed Contractor Disclaimer


Zoning applications are required for fencing, decking, flag pole & sign installation, amongst other projects.  A permit is also needed anytime you are adding to the square footage of impervious surface on your property.  If it is necessary to find your property pins for a given project, the City of Freeport will provide free daily rental of a metal detector.  If you are making changes to your property, please reach out to city staff to verify if a permit is needed or not.


Absence of Certified Survey

Parking Lot, Driveway, Curb & Gutter Application

Fencing Ordinance

Variance Request


All dogs and cats are to be registered with the City of Freeport.  Please provide a copy of current vaccination records with your returned form.

Pet Ordinance

Pet Registration


Welcome to Freeport!  Here are some important forms to register with the City of Freeport.  See our resource guide for information and our local business directory!

Freeport Resources & Directory

New Resident Water & Sewer Account Form

Water & Sewer Automatic Withdrawal Form

Second Water Meter Purchase Agreement


Application for Business Assistance Financing

Preapplication for Business Assistance Financing

Transient Merchants, Peddlers, & Solicitors Form

Background Check