Farmland Lease; DEED Creamery Redevelopment grant application


The regular meeting of the Freeport EDA Board was called to order by President Matt Worms at 12:03 P.M. with members Matt Worms, Bud Heidgerken, Andy Welle, Carrie Goebel and Ashley Feldewerd present. Member Jim Hemker was absent. Heidi Peper from SEH was also in attendance.

Goebel moved and Welle seconded a motion to approve the agenda. Motion carried 4-0.

Goebel moved and Welle seconded a motion to approve the November 26, 2012 minutes. Motion carried 4-0.

Resolution 2013-001: Farm Lease, Neal Middendorf
Welle made a comment that with the Middendorfs’ rent is based on what the current taxes are in the I-Park and that he thought rent was getting pretty high. Discussion was had that very little had changed in regards to the lease, the only change this year is that the lease is being subleased to Neal Middendorf. Heidgerken moved and Goebel seconded a motion to approve Resolution 2013-001. Motion carried 4-0.

Other None.

Redevelopment of the old creamery site
Peper gave an update as to where we are at with the grant process. We were denied this go around because there is only bond money available at this point. Bond money comes with the stipulation that it has to be used for projects that are going to remain in public ownership forever. This is not the case when general fund money is available. Peper presents a few different options for ways to proceed with the project which included the following:
1. Keep the scope of the project as is and wait for general fund money to be available through the Redevelopment Grant Program.
2. Somehow form a relationship with Tim Dally, such as the city remains the owner of the buildings.
3. The City could create a 99 year land lease with Tim Dally on the land.
4. Look at other city owned developments that could go on this site.

Worms commented that he would like to see if the 99 year lease would be an option for Tim Dally. Peper is going to look into some other funding options and see if there is anything else that would be available to help with the redevelopment of this project. Heidgerken also offered some other ideas as far as other programs that Peper could look into that could possibly have funds available. Peper commented that at this point she will be working on this project at no charge to the city until we have acquired funds.

Backwater Boats
Worms gave a brief update from the closed session that council had with Backwater Boats at the January 29, 2013 city council meeting. He said that they met with Backwater Boats and that they were unable to come to an agreement on a price. The gap in the price that the city was willing to accept and that Backwater Boats was willing to offer was just too wide to come to an agreement. Worms stated that there were no hard feelings and that Backwater Boats will be exploring other options in Freeport.

Other None.

Worms moved and Heidgerken seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting at 12:47 P.M. Motion carried 4-0.

Matthew Worms, President Ashley Feldewerd, Secretary