Creamery redevelopment update

March 17, 2014 – EDA Meeting Minutes

A meeting of the Freeport Economic Development Authority was called to order by Jim Hemker at 12:05 P.M. with members Mason Schirmer, Carrie Goebel and Bud Heidgerkin present. Andy Welle arrived after meeting was called to order. President Matt Worms was absent.

Approval of agenda
Heidgerken moved and Goebel seconded a motion to approve the agenda. Motion carried 4-0.

December 16, 2013 Meeting Minutes
Goebel moved and Heidgerkin seconded a summary motion to approve the December 16, 2013 meeting minutes. Motion carried 4-0.

Welle arrived at 12:10 P.M.

Business Subsidy Policy and Criteria
Schirmer presented a template for a business subsidy policy. Schirmer said the template was originally distributed during the October 2013 meeting of the EDA; however, no feedback discussion had been had on the document yet.

Hemker said applicants should provide: 1) 3 years of financial statements; 2) year-to-date financials; 3) personal financial statements and 4) a statement of position. Members agreed the information would be appropriate. Hemker said the financial statements would not be reviewed by the EDA members; rather, an independent financial analyst such as Ehlers, Inc would review the documents and provide recommendations. Hemker said members would still need to comply with confidentiality agreements. Hemker asked Schirmer to verify procedure with Ehlers.

Industrial Park Lot Advertising
Schirmer said recent advertising has generated no inquires for interested buyers. Schirmer said the City is considering upgrading their website, which should help online presence by helping interested persons find the lots by searching Members agreed to not authorize any further advertising until after the website is up and running.

Hemker said Councilmember Rodney Atkinson has been a distraction to the City (referring to Atkinson’s actions which have been documented in City Resolution 2014-007) and have created negative publicity for the City. Hemker said Atkinson needs to understand that he [Atkinson] is there to serve the community, not himself.

The City of Freeport is an Equal Opportunity Provider


Creamery Redevelopment Grant Update
Schirmer said the grant application was not funded; however, this time around the grant application qualified for funding, it just did not score high enough to get funding before dollars were gone. Schirmer said he is optimistic that the application will be funded next round because of the great detail he was provided on how to improve the application. Schirmer said, unless Council directs him otherwise, he will continue working on the application to have it prepared for submission prior to the August 1st deadline.

Roller Mill Office Building to be Auctioned-off
Schirmer said the vacant building is scheduled to be auctioned-off on March 27th. Schirmer said according to the auctioneer, there is no minimum bid.

Carr’s Tree Service Site Plan Update
Schirmer said Brad Carr has been in touch with the City has they are preparing a construction plan for their new building. Schirmer said he anticipates further communication and/or possibly a site plan from Carr’s Tree Service before the April meeting.

Future Development Brainstorming Session
Schirmer asked members for ideas on what the next needed improvement in the city is. Goebel recommended more activities for children. Heidgerken said there are plenty of opportunities with summer softball. Schirmer asked members to share ideas and refrain from discounting any ideas at this time.

C. Goebel left the meeting at 1:05 P.M.

Heidgerken said the park equipment at Lion’s park and the school park needs to be replaced. Schirmer asked Heidgerken to prepare a list of all the equipment that needs to be updated.

Schirmer asked if there are any properties in town that need redevelopment other than the Creamery Site. Hemker said Rodney Atkinson’s industrial lot is unsightly to the community. Schirmer said he will be notifying Council, during the next council meeting, that he will begin enforcing the public nuisance ordinance this spring.

Hemker moved and Heidgerken seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 4-0. Meeting adjourned at 1:20 P.M.